We’ve made a number of updates to DNS Check’s user interface to improve usability over the past couple weeks. Some of the more noteworthy updates are:

  1. Added a search bar to the top of each DNS record type section. This allows you to search your monitored DNS records by name or value.

  2. DNS records are now sortable by their pass/fail status, name, and value.

  3. Added a mass delete feature. Previously, DNS records could be deleted individually, or an entire DNS record group could be deleted. Now you can also select multiple DNS records to delete at a time.

  4. Cut the number of steps required to create a DNS record group, and import monitored records into it.

  5. Replaced the Flash based copy buttons with JavaScript based copy buttons.

  6. Improved usability on mobile devises.

  7. Speed up DNS zone file imports.

We also made a number of smaller updates which we hope you’ll like.

Check out our example DNS Check to see some of these updates in use.

We’d love to have your feedback. Please contact us, or leave a comment below if you have any suggestions for improvement.