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DNS Check enables you to easily monitor, share and troubleshoot DNS records.

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DNS Check Report with MX Records

Monitor DNS Records


Monitor DNS records and name servers for changes and lookup failures. Get notified if something changes. Import your entire zone file or just those records that you want to be monitored.

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Share DNS Records


Request DNS record updates by sharing a link that shows which records are posted correctly, and which aren't. Get notified as updates are detected.

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Troubleshoot DNS Records


Quickly troubleshoot and resolve DNS issues. If something's broken, our DNS checker allows you to identify whether it's there's a DNS issue involved and if so, what to fix.

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The DNS Checker

At the heart of DNS Check is a DNS record checking tool, which compares the DNS records that you enter to what DNS servers are returning in response to queries. If there's an issue, the record checking tool will enable you to quickly identify it. Detectable issues include:

  • Unresponsive name server
  • Wrong IP address returned
  • Missing DNS record
  • Duplicated DNS records
  • Wrong MX record preference returned
  • Mismatched forward and reverse DNS records
  • IP addresses removed from SPF record
  • Out of sync name servers
  • Invalid SPF record
Example DNS Check

DNS Record Types

Import your zone file, and we'll check the following types of DNS records:

You can also enter individual DNS records to check.

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Free accounts can check up to 10 DNS records at a time. You can always upgrade to a paid account later.