Troubleshoot DNS Records

DNS Check allows you to troubleshoot DNS issues by verifying that your DNS servers return the correct responses to DNS queries.

For example, if you have multiple DNS servers and suspect that there are replication issues, you could:

  1. Create a new DNS record group.
  2. Import your zone file(s).
  3. Test the imported records on each DNS server.

If there are replication errors, the above test exposes which records are impacted on which name servers.

You can also identify and troubleshoot intermittent DNS issues by viewing a record's notification history and looking for patterns.

Notification History

To view the notification history for a DNS record, click its drop-down menu, then the History button. That loads a report containing all recent events that triggered notifications. Here's an example report for a DNS record that started failing with the wrong IP address at 9:25, then passing with the correct IP at 9:26.

DNS Record Notification History

The failure entry shows both the expected IP address ( and the IP that was returned by the nameserver ( Paid accounts retain 90 days of history, and free accounts keep 7 days.

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