In April 2015 we launched DNS Check as a free service that allows you to monitor up to 10 DNS records for free, and get notified if any of them stop (or start) resolving to the values that you expect them to. This free service is now our “Basic” account type, and is still our most popular offering.

In May we added a paid tier which checks up to 100 DNS records at a time, and adds the ability to query custom name servers. This is known as our “Professional” account type.

Today we’re proud to announce that we’ve added a new “Enterprise” account type to DNS Check. Enterprise accounts monitor up to 1,000 DNS records.

Here’s a comparison of our three offerings:

Package DNS record checks Query custom name servers
Basic 10 No
Professional 100 Yes
Enterprise 1,000 Yes

You can view a more detailed comparison, and sign up for any of these account types on our pricing page.