DNS Check / Basecamp 3 Integration

We’re excited to announce that we’ve integrated DNS Check with Basecamp 3. This integration enables you to receive notifications in the Basecamp Campfire chat of your choice each time a DNS record transitions between passing and failing:

Example DNS Check Campfire Chat reporting on a DNS record that started failing, then passing

Integrating your DNS Check account with Basecamp 3 is simple, and only takes about a minute. See the DNS Check / Basecamp 3 integration Guide to get started.

Interested in trying out DNS Check’s DNS monitoring service, and our integration with Basecamp 3? Sign up for a free DNS Check account. Free accounts can monitor up to 10 DNS records and have no expiration date. You’re welcome to use your free account for as long as you like.

You can upgrade to a professional DNS Check account at any time to monitor additional DNS records, and enable advanced features, like the ability to query custom name servers, and monitor DNS load balancers.