Integrate DNS Check with PagerDuty

DNS Check can send you notifications via PagerDuty when DNS records start passing or failing. This page describes how to setup DNS Check / PagerDuty integration.

  1. Log in to your DNS Check account.
  2. Click the User icon in the top-right corner, then click Notification Settings:

    DNS Check Notification Settings Menu

  3. Click the PagerDuty tab:

    DNS Check PagerDuty Tab

  4. Click the green Alert with PagerDuty button. This directs you to an authorization page on PagerDuty's website:

    Enable DNS Check / PagerDuty Integration

    Alternatively, you can click the Manually configure PagerDuty checkbox if you prefer to enter a PagerDuty API key directly.

  5. Enter your PagerDuty login information, then click Authorize Integration:

    Authorize DNS Check / PagerDuty Integration

  6. Choose a name and escalation policy for the DNS Check service, then click Finish Integration:

    Configure DNS Check / PagerDuty Integration

  7. PagerDuty will direct you back to DNS Check’s website. If the integration process is complete, then a message appears in a green box, as shown below, indicating that. Otherwise, a red box is displayed, indicating why the integration process is not complete:

    DNS Check / PagerDuty Integration Enabled

    Notice that in the above screenshot, the Enable PagerDuty notifications field is "On". You can toggle this field off and on to disable and re-enable PagerDuty notifications at any time.

Congratulations! You're now finished integrating DNS Check and PagerDuty.

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