Integrate DNS Check with Slack

DNS Check can send notifications to a Slack channel when DNS records start passing or failing:

An example DNS Check notification sent to a Slack channel. A DNS record check started failing briefly before passing again.

This is available to both free and paid DNS Check accounts. Here's how to set up DNS Check / Slack integration:

  1. Log in to your DNS Check account.
  2. Click the User icon in the top-right corner, then click Notification Settings:

    DNS Check Notification Settings Menu

  3. Click the Slack tab:

    DNS Check Slack Tab

  4. Click the Add to Slack button:

    Add DNS Check to Slack Button

  5. Select the Slack channel that you wish to receive notifications, then click the Authorize button:

    Slack Authorization Form for DNS Check

  6. Slack will redirect you back to DNS Check's Notification Settings page, where you should see a message indicating that Slack notifications are enabled:

    Slack Notifications Enabled

Congratulations! You're now finished integrating DNS Check and Slack.

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Free accounts can check up to 10 DNS records at a time. You can always upgrade to a paid account later.