DNS Record Group Monitoring API

A DNS record group is a logical collection of DNS records. DNS record groups can have a one-to-one correlation with zone files, but other types of groupings are possible as well, such as grouping by service or customer. See the DNS record groups page for more details.

The DNS Check API is used to request data for either a specific record group or all DNS record groups owned by your account.




All of the parameters described below are required.

Parameter Description Example Value
api_key The secret key that's used to authenticate the connecting application. See the Generating an API Key page for details. abcdefghbcdefghbcdefghbcdefgh
group_uuid The UUID of the DNS record group. When viewing a DNS record or record group, this is the 36-character string that follows "/tests/" in the URL. This DNS record group's UUID is "ea883d67-d9f6-45e3-b3a1-844dd1857824". Specify a group_uuid of "all" to show information for all of your account's DNS record groups. ea883d67-d9f6-45e3-b3a1-844dd1857824

Example Request

The following API call returns data for this example DNS record group:

GET https://www.dnscheck.co/api/v1/groups/ea883d67-d9f6-45e3-b3a1-844dd1857824?api_key=KEY

The above DNS record group is unique in that accessing it does not require a valid API key. This is done so that it can serve as a live example for API documentation.

Example Response

  "group": {
    "uuid": "ea883d67-d9f6-45e3-b3a1-844dd1857824",
    "name": "Example DNS Check",
    "description": "This example set of DNS records shows how DNS Check presents the results of its checks. Records which pass are shown in green, and those that fail are shown in red.",
    "nameservers": "",
    "public": true,
    "created_at": "2015-04-10T20:38:46-04:00",
    "updated_at": "2015-10-28T20:05:12-04:00",
    "notifications": true,
    "status": "fail",
    "url": "https://www.dnscheck.co/tests/ea883d67-d9f6-45e3-b3a1-844dd1857824"

Response Definitions

Parameter Description Type
uuid A unique identifier for the DNS record group A string containing a UUID
name The name of the DNS record group String
description The description of the DNS record group String
nameservers A comma delimited list of nameservers. For example, ",". If blank, DNS Check's default nameservers are queried. Each name server can be a fully qualified domain name, an IPv4 address, or an IPv6 address String
public Indicates whether this DNS record group is publicly viewable Boolean (true or false)
created_at The time and date that this DNS record group was created An ISO 8601 value
updated_at The time and date that this DNS record group was last updated An ISO 8601 value
notifications Whether notifications are enabled for this DNS record group Boolean (true or false)
status The pass/fail status of the DNS record group. Valid values are "pass", "fail", and "unknown" String
url The URL of the DNS record group's page String

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