Export DNS Records to Zone File

The DNS records in the "Example DNS Check" record group are shown below in zone file syntax. This syntax can be imported into many DNS servers, like BIND, and DNS hosting providers.

Depending on what records are in this DNS record group, and how your DNS service is configured, you may need to post different DNS records to different locations.

Forward DNS Records

We define "forward DNS records" as DNS records of any type other than PTR (reverse DNS). Examples of forward DNS records include A, MX and TXT records.

Forward DNS records are managed on the authoritative name server(s) for your domain.

*.dnscheck.co. A
error.dnscheck.co. A
ireland1.dnscheck.co. A
mx2.dnscheck.co. A
mx.dnscheck.co. A
nameservers.dnscheck.co. A
nameservers.dnscheck.co. A
nameservers.dnscheck.co. A
nyc1.dnscheck.co. A
sfo2.dnscheck.co. A
nameservers.dnscheck.co. AAAA 2604:a880:800:10::7a1:b001
nameservers.dnscheck.co. AAAA 2604:a880:4:1d0::4ef:2000
nyc1.dnscheck.co. AAAA 2604:a880:800:10::7a1:b001
sfo2.dnscheck.co. AAAA 2604:a880:4:1d0::4ef:2000
ag32ck4il2mlq47iuqwh7ovhruoymren._domainkey.dnscheck.co. CNAME ag32ck4il2mlq47iuqwh7ovhruoymren.dkim.amazonses.com.
e.dnscheck.co. CNAME u2378289.wl040.sendgrid.net.
hvcm5smrbtxckgcthcikrzwhyjeijmkq._domainkey.dnscheck.co. CNAME hvcm5smrbtxckgcthcikrzwhyjeijmkq.dkim.amazonses.com.
images.dnscheck.co. CNAME cdn.dnscheck.co.
images.dnscheck.co. CNAME cdn.windserve.com.
m7kcgxryy22ne3ivlnstjgwuuoy63wnj._domainkey.dnscheck.co. CNAME m7kcgxryy22ne3ivlnstjgwuuoy63wnj.dkim.amazonses.com.
dnscheck.co. MX 10 mail.protonmail.ch.
dnscheck.co. MX 20 mailsec.protonmail.ch.
return.dnscheck.co. MX 10 feedback-smtp.us-east-1.amazonses.com.
dnscheck.co. NS chan.ns.cloudflare.com.
dnscheck.co. NS guy.ns.cloudflare.com.
legacy.dnscheck.co. SPF "v=spf1 include:amazonses.com include:_spf.protonmail.ch ip4: include:sendgrid.net ~all"
_x-puppet._tcp.dnscheck.co. SRV 10 5 8140 master-a.dnscheck.co.
_amazonses.dnscheck.co. TXT "yAbMEC/HCY7VBhG2KA4cBwQ2I+T7raTN3o5XnMKxOd8="
_dmarc.dnscheck.co. TXT "v=DMARC1; p=none; rua=mailto:[email protected]; fo=1;"
dnscheck.co. TXT "v=spf1 include:amazonses.com include:_spf.protonmail.ch ip4: include:sendgrid.net ~all"
dnscheck.co. TXT "protonmail-verification=c10b6ca0064c1954c2cac6da0cded6be0d20d607"
return.dnscheck.co. TXT "v=spf1 include:amazonses.com ~all"

Reverse DNS Records

Reverse DNS (PTR) records are typically managed by your hosting provider or ISP.

1.0.0.b.1.a. PTR nyc1.dnscheck.co. PTR ireland1.dnscheck.co. PTR nyc1.dnscheck.co.

Alias DNS Records

ALIAS records are not a standard record type with a documented zone file syntax, so we list them separately.

ALIAS records are managed on the authoritative name server(s) for your domain.

www.dnscheck.co. ALIAS AAAA cdn.dnscheck.co.
www.dnscheck.co. ALIAS A cdn.dnscheck.co.