Announcing DNS Check / Flowdock Integration

We’re proud to announce that DNS Check has integrated with Flowdock to provide reliable DNS record and name server monitoring with real-time notifications. This integration combines the strengths of DNS Checks’s DNS monitoring service with Flowdock’s chat service. It also allows you to receive notifications from DNS Check, coworkers, and and other monitoring systems through a common Flowdock interface.

Flowdock is a team collaboration app for desktop, mobile & web. Flowdock enables you chat, notify and share files in real-time.

DNS Check enables you to easily monitor, share and troubleshoot DNS records. You can import DNS your zone file and have DNS Check monitor the records in it, or specify individual records that you would like monitored.

You can designate that a DNS record is “exclusive,” meaning it should be the only DNS record of its name / record type combination. For example, the MX record for your company’s domain name should be the only MX record for that domain.

You have the option of making each set of DNS records publicly visible, or private, which can save precious seconds if a DNS record or name server is broken, but the person who maintains it doesn’t normally have access to your monitoring system. Here’s an example set of public DNS record checks.

Notifications are automatically created in Flowdock when a DNS record check fails, and updated to show that they’ve been resolved when the DNS record check starts passing again.

A notification sent by the DNS Check chat bot into Flowdock when a DNS A record check started failing. The information sent includes the DNS record's name, record type, pass/fail status, and which DNS record group it's in

Integrating your DNS Check account with Flowdock is simple, and only takes about a minute. Read the DNS Check / Flowdock integration Guide for details.

Interested in trying out DNS Check’s DNS monitoring service, and our integration with Flowdock? Sign up for a free DNS Check account. Free accounts can monitor up to 10 DNS records, integrate with Flowdock, and have no expiration date.

You can upgrade to a professional DNS Check account at any time to monitor additional DNS records, and enable advanced features, like the ability to query custom name servers.