Today we’re releasing two closely related features - the DNS Check API, and the DNS Check Integrations Directory. These features enable DNS Check to better integrate with third party services.


The DNS Check API is REST API which enables checking on the status of monitored DNS records, and record groups.

An example use case of the API is to augment monitoring systems that have limited DNS record checking capabilities. Many monitoring services support checking A and AAAA records, but lack support for checking other DNS record types, such as MX and SPF records.

We’ve written two integration guides which provide examples of how the DNS Check API can be used to fill this monitoring gap:

The DNS Check API is available to both free and paid accounts.

DNS Check Integrations Directory

We’re also releasing the DNS Check Integrations Directory. This is a directory of third party services that integrate with DNS Check. Integrations currently fall into two categories:

  • Integrations where DNS Check pushes information as DNS record change state between passing and failing. Examples include Slack and PagerDuty.

  • Integrations where a third party periodically polls DNS Check for information using DNS Check’s API. Examples include Nagios and Pingdom.

We plan to expand the number of available integration options.

Please contact us if you’re interested in integrating with DNS Check, and having your app listed in the integrations directory.