We just added a feature that allows you to export DNS records to zone files.

To generate zones files, visit a DNS record group, like this example, then click the “Export zone file” button.

Any DNS record groups that are made public will also have the “Export zone file” button publicly visible. This was done to make it easier to post requested DNS record updates.

There are two zone files that DNS records can be exported to:

  1. All record types other than PTR (reverse DNS) records are exported to the “Forward DNS Records” zone file.
  2. PTR (reverse DNS) records are exported to a “Reverse DNS Records” zone file.

This division is in place because reverse DNS records are often managed by a different provider than other records.

Here’s an example zone file export:

Export DNS records to zone file

You can also view a live example zone file export here.

DNS Check also has the ability to import zone files by clicking on a DNS record group’s “Import zone file” button. Only the owner of a DNS record group can import zone file data into it.