Notification Settings

This page describes the notification options that DNS Check makes available. Notifications are sent each time a DNS record changes state between untested, passing, and failing unless one of the following conditions is met:

  1. The DNS record was just created, and its first test result was a pass
  2. Notifications are disabled for the DNS records group
  3. The transition is to Failing, but the failure is a suppressed ServFail error

Emailed Notifications

To enable emailed notifications:

  1. Go to your Notification Settings page.
  2. Click the Email tab.
  3. Select your desired notification frequency, then click Save:

    Email Notification Frequency

    If the Immediate option is selected, DNS Check will email you a notification immediately after a DNS record changes state between passing and failing.

    If the Hourly digest or Daily digest option is selected, then emails will be batched, so that you'll receive no more than one email about DNS record change(s) per hour, or day, respectively. For example, if 10 DNS records change state between these emailed digests, DNS Check will list all 10 DNS record state changes in the same email.

Notifications are emailed to the email address in your account's profile.

Getting Paged

You can integrate DNS Check with the following services to be paged when an issue is detected:

Chat Notifications

DNS Check can send notifications via the following chat services:

ServFail Errors

Most of the DNS errors that DNS Check detects are ServFail errors. ServFail errors indicate an error communicating with the DNS server, not an issue with the data that the DNS server returned. You can configure how quickly DNS Check notifies you about ServFail errors by editing the "Suppress notifications for up to X consecutive ServFail errors" setting in your Notification Settings page:

Suppress ServFail error notifications

Our Reduce DNS Monitoring False Positives Caused by ServFail Errors blog post discusses ServFail errors in more detail.

Disable Notifications for a DNS Record Group

You can disable all notifications for a DNS record group by toggling the "Notifications" option to "Off":

Turn off notifications for a DNS record group

The DNS Check API

The DNS Check API can extend the DNS record monitoring capabilities of other applications, including:

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